Creative Team

Creative Team

Meet the team—Lisa, Vicki, and Benjamin. We are the early birds who brew a mega-pot of La Colombe each morning, select the inspiring playlist for the day, prioritize the projects, and answer the phones. Did we mention that we also generate the vision behind the ideas? Yes! We create the designs. We present them. We make sure projects are on budget and on deadline.

We don’t hire account execs, administrative staff, or project managers, or have a production department. That’s too many layers of people between our clients and their needs. We prefer a more hands-on approach—one where we can navigate and craft everything.

Control freaks? Maybe, but clients appreciate the personal service and high level of efficiency. Most important, we work directly with them, carefully guiding each phase of production. During the course of a job, they have only one contact—Lisa, Vicki, or Benjamin. We keep things simple.

As a team we are in constant discussion about every project, big and small. An open studio environment helps facilitate the flow of ideas and sharing of concepts. No walls between us means there are no barriers to project coordination and communication. We can meet at a moment’s notice to offer feedback and  support. Successful partnerships with each other and with our clients is the key ingredient in our work.

Our core collaborators and bevy of freelance talent help to enrich our services and complement our expertise. They are brought in on a per project basis and add the necessary components to maximize the power and impact of everything we do.

To learn more about our personal inspirations and passion for design, click on our individual names above and read our stories. Interested in joining the team? Fill out our job form.


Photo above by Beck Photography at our favorite brainstorming venue (10 Arts, Broad and Chestnut Streets).