Benjamin Brown

Here, There, and Everywhere

By Benjamin Brown


I spent my first 18 years on a farm in Kentucky, splitting the chores with my parents and older sister. My contributions included—but were not limited to!—hauling hay, chopping wood, gathering eggs, and herding cattle. There was always something to be done. Many Saturday mornings began with my dad yelling, “Get your working boots on!” Looking back, it wasn’t all bad, but from the very beginning, I had my sights set on something completely different.

By 2nd grade, I already knew city life was in my future. I dreamed about living in a vibrant metropolis, hopping on underground trains in the morning, working in a high-rise office, wearing a suit and tie every day (I was a country boy enamored with city clichés), and being surrounded by museums, good food, and a diverse range of cultural venues and entertainment.

I inherited my mom’s artistic leanings in the form of drawing. I drew everything: my teachers, my classmates, images from National Geographic magazines, original comic characters, the Simpsons. I loved expressing myself visually. By the end of high school, I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer, and I knew my days in the rural South were numbered. After obtaining an Interactive Media degree with an emphasis in design, I fled small-town America and moved to Philadelphia.

At my first interview for an Art Director position at Masters Group Design, I was told the job was demanding and fast-paced and required the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once. When asked if I could handle it, I replied, “Not a problem!” Multitasking had been an everyday feature of farm life in Kentucky. Today, I guide clients through each step of a project, including brainstorming, the design process itself, and delivery of the final product.

I think my multi-layered, multi-regional background was good preparation for the diverse workload I take on at MGD. While the daily farm grind wasn’t my calling, it taught me at an early age that any given day can present a project that may, at first, be out of my comfort zone. I know how to handle situations calmly and with as little drama as possible. Whether I’m helping a client promote themselves through marketing materials, doing my part to help raise awareness for a timely issue, or creating graphics for a fundraising event, I feel uniquely prepared to work with our wide spectrum of clients and the plethora of projects with which they entrust us.