Our Story

Our Story

Our story has always been to help others tell theirs. We’ve been doing it, with great passion, since 1993. Back then, the studio’s focus was to create greater public visibility for under-recognized organizations, right here in Philly. Our tool was emphatic design. We used it creatively to speak out for those united by an admirable cause: to enrich and transform Philadelphia.

Twenty-five years later, our studio has developed a seasoned, sophisticated approach to meeting client needs. Our heart and home are still in Philadelphia, but we’ve expanded our reach to serve a growing regional and national client base. Positive transformation, however, is still the core of what our clients do. It remains the core of what we do too.

Our clients are champions of change, committed to an eclectic range of projects and missions. They work in areas such as arts and culture, healthcare, education, community outreach and development, the environment, human rights, and social justice. Simply put, they rock.

Sharing their stories with the world is our daily commitment. Whether that means bringing an issue to the forefront, educating, or urging folks to take action, we create designs that deliver impact and bring the greatest possible exposure to our clients’ invaluable work.

We do this through collaboration. In fact, the “group” in our name is a reflection of just that. We bring together talent from multiple artists on all projects as well as encourage ongoing client input. Together, we identify the scope, challenges, and goals. Our creative team then proposes a design strategy for review. The subsequent production phase incorporates client feedback to ensure that their vision and voice are fully captured. Whether printed or online, the final product is a synthesis of ideas presented as a bold visual statement with an authentic tone and distinct personality.

Your story deserves to be heard. Let us tell it with creativity and impact.