Designs with Impact

We design lots of things. Things that cultivate brand awareness and loyalty, provide education, promote services, inform, invite, and entice. Many of our designs emotionally connect audiences to a cause, while others demand that they take action. Whether they are in the form of a 2” button or a 48’ billboard, we use the same thoughtful process to create designs with impact.

To view our capabilities, click work or simply refer to the list (at right) for the specific areas in which we work. Each category will lead you to an index of sample projects. We are always adding new work, so please check back frequently.

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How we work:

Information Gathering
We conduct a profile for every job. It identifies key information including the client’s vision, core values, target audience, and desired objectives. It allows us to gain an understanding of who they are, what they do, and why it matters. From personality to what inspires them to make a difference, we don’t  start working until we have thorough knowledge of their brand.

Design Strategy + Concepting
Design strategy is a process largely informed by the client’s expectations and goals. Budget and timing also play a big role in how that strategy takes shape. We do the necessary research to establish all project parameters. Then, our team delves into the concepting phase.  The result is a thoughtful, creative approach that is both responsive to the client’s goals and mindful of the project guidelines.  We present the strategy for approval before advancing to production.

At every phase of a project, our creative team is managing the budget, keeping working milestones on target, and encouraging clear communication. We believe a great project is not possible without careful organization and the ability to integrate multiple moving parts efficiently. This includes developing the project schedule, bidding out jobs for production, coordinating venders, managing the revision and approval process, and requesting input from the client at key stages.

Production is an exciting orchestration of creative elements. It includes writing, editing, layout, typesetting, and photography. The MGD team and collaborators work seamlessly to execute the final deliverable. This service also includes overseeing projects while they are at the printer or being developed into an interactive platform.