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A request to design a poster for the Committee of Seventy in collaboration with The Pennsylvania Voter ID Coalition.


As of November 6, 2012, all voters must show photo ID every time they vote. With the April 24th primary just around the corner (next week) Seventy and the Coalition seized the opportunity to get the word out.

They launched a campaign, titled, “Photo ID. ASK ME!,” which includes 1,500 posters and 100,000 information flyers to be distributed by volunteers (who will be identified accordingly) at Pennsylvania-area polls. The goal is to raise awareness regarding Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law.


1. Can’t look like a campaign poster

2. Can’t use blue or red (this is a non-partisan public education campaign)

3. Must be a quick, simple, easy read


MGD designers cranked out eight concepts in less than three hours, giving the client lots of options from which to choose. These are a few pulled from the first round of sketches.


The voter’s booth/photo booth concept  (below) was selected.  English and Spanish versions of the poster and flyer as well as the volunteer buttons were created instantly. With a minute of extra time, we tested the color and graphics on Broad Street. Noticeable: YES.

Ah, all in a days work!


For more information, call the Committee of Seventy at 1.866.OUR-VOTE (1-866.687.8683) or go to You can also find the Committee of Seventy on: Facebook and Twitter.

Author: Lisa Weinberger

Creative Director, Masters Group Design

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